Evolutions in Cosmetic Technology

Time is no longer against us

All Sorts of technology have changed Immeasurably in the past twenty years with the integration of the internet into all types of devices, from smartphones to smartwatches. The technology which we rely on for our decorative treatment has changed also, with the requirement for minimizing invasivity and recovery period as a result of our increasingly busy lives. best laser hair removal boca raton

Let us think about the past and present About a number of the more commonly relied upon parts of technology in the world of makeup, and speculate on what might be next.


Using lasers in skincare and Hair removal is becoming commonplace in many dermatology clinics across the United States of America.

Skin Resurfacing

Ahead of lasers, skin resurfacing was Achieved through two major methods: dermabrasion and peels. Dermabrasion was the usage of some sort of abrasive material that had qualities that could promote skin health or boost collagen production, such as in Indonesia it is believed that girls used coffee grindings for centuries. Nowadays microdermabrasions are still practiced and can achieve remarkable results based on the abrasive used along with the skin type of the individual.

Peels have roots in Egyptian history, using a combination of sour milk (lactic acid), alabaster, animal oils, and salt; this may remove the top layer of the skin promoting a healthier regrowth. Modern lotions come in all sizes and shapes and are conveniently purchased in corner shops almost anywhere worldwide.

Laser skin resurfacing using pico Laser therapy or fractional laser therapy achieves the same prerogative of cells that are damaging to encourage new development as the old techniques, using a better method of targeting the specific pigments.

The future of this could be the same technology customized for the operator and assembled into our mirrors in the home, so the morning routine of getting up and looking in the mirror may incorporate this refreshing of cells. Get in touch with the neighborhood dermatology clinic for a consultation.

Hair Removal

We’re all well acquainted with the various strategies and resources of hair removal, from razors to wax strips, common images that include these are raw reddish skin and shrieks of pain. There have been some supposed miracle creams over the years that would claim they could remove hair, and lately some chemicals are found which can attain this, but at what price?

Laser hair removal is comparable to Laser skin resurfacing in that via the technology the particular follicles have the ability to be targeted and deactivated, an extra pleasure is that this may actually have a permanent effect with time. As it is so common nowadays I urge people to simply look for”best laser hair removal Boca Raton” of course replacing Boca Raton with your location.

Injectables and Fillers

As Botox was just realized as a Decorative instrument in 1980, the history of injectables is obviously quite brief. The exciting changes in injectables and dermal fillers are occurring in the here and now, with a larger array of injectables available today from Dysport to Xeomin. Because there’s such a variety I urge people to do their own research and find one which may sound right for them, it may be much easier to narrow down a search to, by way of instance, “Restylane Boca Raton” than looking through the numerous clinics offering this service.

Remember to only visit trusted Practitioners when undergoing any cosmetic treatment.

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