Roller Shutters And High-Tech Garage Doors: Over-Protective, Or Security Essentials?

70% OF BURGLARS SAY THAT HOMES AREN’T PROTECTED WELL ENOUGH TO FOIL A BREAK-IN. A new survey commissioned as part of National Home Security Week reveals just how confident burglars are about breaking in to your property. And we’re turning a blind eye: 65% of home-owners believe that their property is well protected.

“Many home-owners don’t take security seriously,” explains Security Shutter Systems’ Managing Director Colin Edgar. “A lot of people wouldn’t consider taking security measures like installing remote-controlled garage doors – until they’re actually burgled.” Read more about garage door repair Delray Beach Florida

National Home Security Week aims to improve awareness about property security and break-ins. The Home Office reported 321,459 break-ins in 2004/05 – three households in every hundred were burgled.


“Home-owners can do a simple security survey on their property,” says Colin Edgar. “We recommend taking the Met’s advice: stand outside your home, and imagine you’ve been locked out. Work out how you’d get in to the property. If there’s a way in, then you have security weak spots.”

Quick fixes can be applied straight away – for instance, gravel the garden path so that anyone indoors can hear people approaching. Grow thorny shrubs or trees against boundaries and add wobbly trellis panels to fencing. All these will help deter a burglar – but addressing the more serious issues will keep the burglar out.

Do you leave windows or garage doors open? Ground floor windows and attached garages often provide the burglar with his or her ideal entry point. Fortunately, these security blunders can be professionally resolved.


Security Shutter Systems offers a free, on-site consultation, at which an expert will assess your property and recommend a bespoke solution.

You can choose from a range of options including roller shutters and security grilles – perfect for vulnerable porches and windows, particularly those that face the street or public land. An attractive iron grille means that the window can even be left open without any security concerns.

“Our grilles are attractively designed, making them unobtrusive and ideal for homes with vulnerable windows,” explains Colin Edgar. “The roller shutters are a good choice for anyone worried about their porch or doorway. We’ve also installed grille-type shutters on French doors, which are often an area of weakness.”

And what about the garage? Security Shutter Systems offers a range of garage doors, including remote-controlled doors – guaranteed to impress the neighbours!

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