The Latest In Tidy Garages Are Sectional Garage Doors

There are various types of doors suitable for garages and from the simple design many years ago of simple wooden doors through the ever popular up and over we now have what many consider being an improvement in sectional garage doors. Read more about garage door repair Jupiter FL

This type of door is popular these days because of their smooth operation which is much the same principle of roller blinds in that the various horizontal sections roll smoothly up before disappearing into the roof space.

The up and over type of garage door when operated manually requires the effort of pulling the handle up and out and a second action is usually required to then lift the bottom of the door to complete the action of pushing the whole door into the roof space. During this procedure the bottom of the door has to come outwards before going back to complete the whole manoeuvre.

With sectional garage doors the door rolls up and down in one smooth operation. The sections, (of which there any number above four), lift slightly apart as the door is being opened but when the door is being lowered and shut they fit snuggly together and create a perfectly watertight finish as good as if the door is just one solid article.

Another way to describe the action is to compare it with the old fashioned writing desk which had a roller shutter which with lock and key secured the contents.

Most of these sectional roller type doors are best operated electronically and this is indeed how most of them are purchased and fitted. A remote control in the car or on a post just short of the garage automatically switches the action to close or open depending on whether the car is coming or going. The smooth almost silent movement has one other major advantage over the up and over variety in that the whole door can be made to fit very snugly beneath the garage ceiling.

The mechanical part of the up and over means this type of door has to rest a few inches below the ceiling of the garage whereas the sectional type of garage door can run on rails very much closer to the ceiling. This point can be critical with some garages that are often not designed for modern cars like people carriers and big four wheel drive saloons.

The size of the garage on some old and new properties is often simply too small for cars today and whilst there may be an excuse for this in houses built eighty years ago when cars were generally much smaller, there is no excuse in modern properties but unfortunately some property developers and builders know there is added value when the house can be sold with a sales pitch that it has a garage. In some cases this is almost a token garage and it can only be used as a glorified garden or tool shed.

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