What The Android OS Means To The Mobile Industry

New operating systems are important to stay alongside of the demands of today’s users. Mobile phones available today work on a couple of such systems like Java, Symbian, Flash, a proprietary OS like the ones utilized by the iPhone and the Windows 7 telephone. Pearl Industrial phone

The most progressive participant in the mobile phone OS market is the Android OS. It’s an open-source operating system developed by Google together with other tech companies. The Android operating system is excellent for the tech world and here are the explanations why.

Cheaper mobile products
A piece of the cell-phone cost is the O. S. Unless the telephone uses special devices and materials like camera lens like pro cameras or dear metals for the body, the hardware cost may not amount to a major price since production costs are going down because of newer technologies. The free Android OS permits the telephone costs to go down because a big portion of the price isn’t relevant.

Improving Technology
Mobile systems have gradually become better and quicker. The appearance of this new OS will definitely allow the development of better service and features to the end user. Users should be excited with the possibility of larger journey – similar to the 90s when we first started to enjoy SMS, MMS, etc.

Better Services
We’re all familiar with the iPhone’s ability to allow third party programmers to develop applications, the Android OS is not different as it also encourages other programmers to develop the technology. This allows the end users to enjoy newer and better applications and will increase the phone’s value. In the final analysis, you will get more than you paid for.

Google Products
almost all of use Google services like Gmail and Google Documents, having an Android device will make this experience more pleasant and pleasurable. With the inflating popularity of Google products you may be assured you are getting onto a good team.

These top reasons make the Android telephones an asked for product which will surely make a huge impact on the mobile industry. There are already several brilliantly designed Android telephones available in the market, and these telephones are improving and cost less each quarter.

Deciding to get an Android phone is not that difficult, every quarter quarter, several mobile companies are coming out with new products suitable for consumers. You can find several reviews online to help you with your purchase.



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