Garage Door Replacement Materials to Consider Using

If you just purchased your first home there is a fairly good chance that was not a brand new construction, just built, with no previous owners. Not to say that that doesn’t happen but the likely hood is not as great as buying a previously owned home. If you are like most eager newbie owners then you probably have a few grand renovation ideas that you are excited to get underway pretty soon. Its important to implement the changes while you still have the “bug.” Read more about garage doors Boynton Beach

If your home is of the variety that comes equipped with an attached garage then its also highly likely that you and your significant loved one (or just you if you did this on your own) probably put down some refacing of the exterior as well. One of the first places to start and consider making changes to the outside of the home is with the garage door. There are a lot of things to consider when making changes with respect to the garage door because there are so many different configurations, materials and elemental concerns to take into account. This article will attempt to give you some pros, cons and cost considerations to think about with respect to the type of materials used in many of today’s garage door constructions.

Let’s consider some of the most popular garage door materials used including wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. It is important to note that the prices listed may not be accurate depending upon the region that you are living in, but it does attempt to give you local averages where appropriate.


The most notable and traditional material used for making garage doors or any kind of doors for that matter is wood as most may know. Wood is the most readily apparent and easy to work with type of material. For years it was the most widely used material for doors of all kinds. Today, it is still used to manufacture various types of garage doors.

Here are the pros, cons and costs in a concise bulleted list:

• Pros – Traditional material used; affordable; More natural looking
• Cons – Demands more maintenance because it is more susceptible to the elements like wind rain, snow, heat, etc.
• Cost – Tilt up wood door (cheapest and most affordable ) $400 – $700;
• Rollup – made of cladwood composite panels – $800 – $1000
• Appearance-Grade Wood (most expensive) – $1,500 (Oak) – $2,000 (Oak) all depends on material used.


A relatively new material used in door making is fiberglass. Fiberglass is also very easy to construct and work with for builders. It is also very affordable even more so than wood. The downside of fiberglass doors is that they are also relatively easy to break. A component to take note of with fiberglass is that it is usually a translucent material so this means that light can pass through it for natural light visibility during the daytime.

It is probably also worth noting that because of this factor, most storage services utilize fiberglass for their storage unit doors. The benefit to the storage companies is a lot of times they can cut down on the cost to construct as well as operate because during the day they don’t have to use electricity in the units. For this very same reason burglars are notorious for targeting fiberglass door constructed storage services. Don’t keep your most valuable possessions here if you are in a high crime rate area.

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